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Innovation and Functionality

Welcome to Nova Palm Fashion

We are a global manufacturer of apparel and textiles since the 1970s with a manufacturing base that spans from China, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

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antimicrobial technology

Introducing our latest technological advancement in

our antimicrobial-infused textiles and garments.

Our Mission

At Nova Palm Fashion, we create quality clothing with an ecological focus, embracing healthy fabrics and sustainable practices.


We support local artisans, promote entrepreneurship, and collaborate with NGOs, all while providing free designs and clothing to make fashion accessible for all.


Say yes to recycling, upcycling, and zero-waste activities with us."

Our Services

Meet Françoise Béguin

Meet Françoise Béguin

Françoise Béguin

Head of Fabric and Style Research

Françoise Béguin leads the global research teams in finding the latest in fabrics innovation and functionality. She is a speed skiing world champion who has an equally keen passion for sports performance and fabric development. Her advocacy in advancing performance in sports spurs the team’s in-depth research on comfort and functionality in sport clothing.

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Our Research Team

Nova Palm's team of in-house European designers design strong commercial ranges into fast fashion retailers and we are experienced from young fashion to mid-market products.

Our Products

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Casual Lifestyle
Occasional Wear

Browse our collection of fast fashion, sophisticated styles, and sportswear pieces for ladies and men.


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