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About Us

We are a global manufacturer of apparel and textiles since the 1970s with eight manufacturing base that spans from China, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

All our production units are BSCI compliant and have online and end of line quality control system. Each of these units apply AQL inspection levels that conform to each customer’s requirement.

Our Ethics

Our Ethics

We believe that how customers value our products must always be the same with how they value our service and relationship with them.

Our business structure dedicates teams to each customer to ensure detailed, honest, and lasting relationships.

Our Strengths

Our Strengths

We source fabrics and trims globally. We offer local support for product design and development, as well as cost-effective local options.


We have eight factories in Asia and do warehousing operations and freight consolidation in China.

QA and QC procedures are in place to ensure that we meet AQL standards. Order placement is seamless and easy for online shops and smaller fashion chains. We adjust styles for hot items and require no minimum orders.

We offer the full-range of Incoterms. Our AAA bank rating enables us to finance fully-factored garments and to offer credit terms.

Our Research Team

Our Research Team

Our Research Teams are based in Europe and Asia. We are an active crew who continuously study our niche market products and prepare market analysis reports that are available for our customers’ review.

Françoise Béguin

Head of Fabric and Style Research

Françoise Béguin leads the global research teams in finding the latest in fabrics innovation and functionality. She is a speed skiing world champion who has an equally keen passion for sports performance and fabric development. Her advocacy in advancing performance in sports spurs the team’s in-depth research on comfort and functionality in sport clothing.

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