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Our Projects

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We grow our inspiration from our customers like H&M and Zara who recycled 180 million recycled bottles and reused 89 million old t-shirts in 2017. We also support designers and artists in Bali who apply a zero-waste concept in designing garments and new materials.

We endorse start-ups like Campus Market who reduces the environmental footprints of students moving out of Lille by collecting old furniture and clothes using bikes and trolleys. Campus Market won in the Enactus France competition and is supported by Nord De France, Ville de Lille, and Ville de Roubaix. They are expanding their activities to neighboring cities in France and other countries.

Investments made for a cause wow us. That’s why we support the Save the Earth Movement, a group that promotes investing in planting trees. Investors not only grow their investments but also nurture trees that will replenish what nature has already lost.

We organize monthly workshops at our seafront property in Bali where creative minds around the world collaborate for new inventions.

We have unique partnerships with NGOs of diverse interests and advocacy. Françoise Béguin leads our research team of designers, technical engineers, and field experts towards discovering revolutionary ecological materials and functional outfits in urban lifestyle design.

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Our collection of clothing are infused with one or more variety of substance which controls the growth of micro-organisms, like bacteria, virus and fungus that causes odour and staining.

This includes our collection of suits, women's wear, kid's clothing, sports apparel and underwear.

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